Sunday, April 13, 2008

Digital Teaching Workshop

Right now I'm directing a NEH-funded, year long workshop focused on teaching/studying the humanities with current and future digital technologies. I am not quite sure yet what will come out of this, but currently I am working on separating content from course assignments in all of my online history courses. It is a bit laborious to do that, but I'm hoping that this will give me more options in considering which, if any, web 2.0 applications I can begin to use in the courses. Separating out the content will also allow me to develop my content a bit more and add in a lot more images.


CTE said...

We are pretty much finishing up now, and I have tried to express some of my reactions to what we learned in a short project paper. The faculty participants have also been presenting their projects, listed on the workshop website. They display a great amount of variation in the ideas developed.

CTE said...

Now, that we are done with the workshop, it is a matter of finishing up with the external evaluation and submitting reports to both the college and NEH to explain outcomes and itemize the budget expenses. Dealing with the college administration has not been easy, and trying to get participants to finish up their evaluations (and projects) has been, as usual, tricky.

CTE said...

I was happy to finally write up my final report and bring the project to an end after the year. It was amazing to me how much the administrative side of the grant (only $29,000) proved to be such a headache. This was mostly because of the utter lack of competency on the part of some of our college staff.