Monday, May 12, 2008

Using Video

Just finished some training in Adobe's Premier CS3--I needed it since this new upgrade was much different than my old Premier 6.1 software. I'm hoping to get started on some short videos for my online classes, but haven't decided whether to shoot with my mini-dv camera or my logitech webcam. I think that these will end up in Flash format. Also have some home video projects to attend to this summer.

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CTE said...

Made a short introduction video of my ELI HIS course using Premiere. I originally intended on using my new Logitech desktop camera/microphone to record a quick introduction, but the quality was soooo bad, both video and audio, that I just took some photos using the logitech and then recorded some audio. I then put it all together with Premiere. Only received a little feedback from a few students; wondering how many were able to view it, or how many tried.