Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Semester on campus

In my campus course, HIS 135, I will be trying out a variety of new assignments to see what works with the students. I think that I will also try a collaborative paper using a wiki just to see how that goes. I'd like to start the course by showing students a clip from the Live 8 Concert back in 2005 (so very long ago for many people) in which the Pet Shop Boys are playing on a stage set up on Red Square in Moscow. Could the same concert be scheduled for 2008? I'll write about some of my other ideas later.


CTE said...

Been a real chore trying to get my group of students to do relatively straight-forward things with technology this semester, such as send me an email assignments by such and such a time. They also had some difficulty figuring out that they could use google to solve some problems that they were having, such as an incorrect url for the class syllabus. So much for them being a tech generation.
I've got a first written assignment coming up soon, and I'll be surprised if more than half finish it on time. I am concerned about the lack of comprehension on their reading of the text, and, in fact, their actual reading of the text.

CTE said...

New history paper assignment. Well, I've adapted to my students this semester and decided to try out a new assignment with them, by having them write up the history of the last ten years, from their own perspectives. They can start by focusing on some key events that they remember and why they think those were important, and then add some research and then add some worldwide perspective. The "teaching the events in the history of the Cold War" just wasn't going to interest them, and given some of their weak writing and study skills, I decided that I had to do some assignment that would keep them interested.