Saturday, November 22, 2008

New BB 8.0 Sets New Standards for Un-Usability

Well, we haven't even started using a new upgrade of BB at our college--8.0 in this case--and people are already praising it to the heavens, especially the the newly-redesigned "Grade Center." Look, I wrote about this in a previous post. One of the main problems with BB is that is tries to span the teaching scale from grade 1 to college, and to do that, as is obvious, it tries to pack too much garbage into the overall package. Some of these grading features are perfect for a fourth grade teacher; not so for a college instructor, and not needed! It would be smarter if the BB team had targeted versions of BB for specific ed environments.

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CTE said...

Well, I have discovered all kinds of usability problems with the new grade center, such as vanishing and reappearing columns, duplicated grade entries/columns. I am also irritated that I can't adjust how many students I view at a time (default is 7 rows), and it goes on.
ps. Not to mention trying to find any answers on the BB product site.