Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, as I was putting together resources for my adjuncts, I discovered that I am basically coordinating the teaching of sixteen instructors between our campus and online western and world civ sequences. That, of course, means that on our campus, adjuncts are responsible for probably between eighty and ninety percent of the students being taught.


CTE said...

Three new adjuncts on the campus courses this semester and one new adjunct for the online courses. That makes 12 instructors for spring 2010.

CTE said...

It is so difficult to convince adjuncts that they don't have to lecture all of the time and that they can let go of total class control every once in a while so that students can also participate in directing the learning process. Have watched a number of adjunct classes over the past year, and it still bothers me that I have to tell some instructors that it is not a good thing when students are putting their heads down on the desks to catch some shut eye during class.