Friday, August 5, 2011

New Academic year, but stil the same old?

As a new academic year approaches, it seems like the same old issues are rearing their bones again:
(1) that would be enrollment, enrollment, enrollment--in case you haven't been reading;
(2) adjuncts, adjuncts, adjuncts, which allows more enrollment;
(3) more online classes, which require more adjuncts, which then leads to more enrollment.
(4) inability of the college to identify strengths and weaknesses of our personnel and apply correctly.  To use a football analogy, if you have a skilled gap defensive tackle, then you don't use that tackle as a nose guard.  The key to great management is to figure out where people/staff will have the most impact.  That is something that we do very poorly at the college, both in our hiring processes and then once people are actually hired.  More on this later.

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