Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Corporatization of Higher Education

No, I have not disappeared from the blog scene, although I see that my last post was probably six months ago. Things come up, other projects get in the way of writing on the blogosphere; administrative demands attention, etc.  Right now I'm doing training to be qualified to offer a hybrid course.  Even though I've been teaching at a distance and online for a lot of years now, and even though I taught with the inter-college video system years ago, etc, I still need training. It's one of the features of corporate. bureaucratic education run afire, there is absolutely no trust on the part of the administration re the abilities/capabilities of the professors. Got to submit some paperwork to prove that you know how to do this or that.

We are now drowning in paperwork, committees, meetings, credentialing, testing, student learning outcomes.  It's just a much different environment than it was twenty or thirty years ago.

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Professor Charles Evans said...

The data that I would like to see is growth in the number of employees at NVCC in the past ten years, and then we could further break that down into growth in number of admin. faculty, classified support staff and adjunct faculty. Then we could compare that to growth in student body and growth in full-time teaching faculty. Not sure how to approach for that information yet, but will figure it out.